In this weeks editorial we speak to New Zealand based film photographer Evangeline Davis about what drives her work.

“My photographic work looks into themes around the female form and explores aspects of girlhood and femininity. I am deeply influenced by nostalgia and long for simpler times with cliché dreamscapes. While in many ways photography has allowed me to slow down and by doing so I have found a true admiration for my surrounding females and the complex individuals we are.”


“Integrated within my work are aspects of both my subject and myself as I project my own internal feelings onto each image – it is a collaborative process that results in many single-serving friendships. Though essentially my effort is to capture subjects in a light they have not yet seen themselves in, one in which empowers self-acceptance, whilst adding to the current shift in female representation within pop-culture.”


“Influenced by the loss of my own adolescence this series of golden portraits, with timeless settings and warmer-tones, has become a so-called fantasied girlhood of mine – one that is offered primarily through imagery.”