Horoscope: Virgo

25 Aug 2015

Happy Birthday Virgo!

Sun sign; ruled by Mercury with the Virgin symbol.

Observant, helpful, reliable and precise.

Get set for September it’s bound to be magnificent. Time to get that job promotion, work boost, a huge pay rise!

Who would have thought September was around the corner, but believe me you’ll be happy. Autumn is in the air as it forces a situation that you couldn’t have even dreamed of. In the months of autumn fortune will truly favour you Virgo.

Go bold at work, push your wildest ideas and get yourself noticed. I mean you have to work hard, you can’t just expect that designer handbag to fall into your lap. But don’t be scared to express yourself at work and implement something different, don’t fear failure, the stars are now on your side so even in case of falling, you’ll not feel any serious damage.

I wish I could tell you about falling deeply in love with a rich, handsome Prince, but alas, no romance on the cards just lots, and lots of money! Which is kinda the same thing, money buys happiness right?

Illustration by Lauren Baker