When we discovered Delores Daywear on Instagram we felt our inner skater girl call out. Although our attempts at doing a kick flip are far behind us our love for 90’s films, hip hop and powder pink are still alive and well making Delores’ our new go to destination for over sized hoodies and tees. We quizzed Creative Director Sophie on how they got started and why Cher just might be the best thing on Twitter. Plus check us out on Instagram for a chance to WIN yourself a Delores Tee!

How did Delores Daywear get started?

I launched Delores in 2015, to run alongside my contemporary womenswear boutique Finch. I was stocking brands such as Wood Wood, Baserange, Norse Projects etc which I LOVED but I wanted to produce something really cute with a good helping of sass. I just started embroidering funny things on tee’s for friends, and then it all escalated from there!


How many of you are on the team?

There’s about 3 of us who work on Delores currently! I work up the designs and then my good friend Tristan is our Embroider. He comes from a fine art/design background so it’s great now having him on board to make my ideas a reality. Then we have Lucie, who deals with all Press/Social Media (she is the Insta queen!)

We understand you only do limited runs of each tee and that they often sell out, which quote has proved to be post popular?

Oooo, it has to be ‘You’re So Cool!’ and also ‘It’s All Good Baby, Baby’…we just can’t make them quick enough.

How do you decide which lyrics and quotes make the cut?

The text has to bring together the various things we’re into,  and we want to represent in our tees. We love working with and dressing confident women so something which is a bit tongue in cheek, which is gonna give the gal who’s wearing it a spring in her step.


You also produce customised pieces, ever had anything really strange?

Ha! Not really strange, I hope we do get some weird ones though. We did a custom for Charlotte De Carle, a British model/presenter, who asked for ‘Cleverly Disguised As A Responsible Adult’ which I thought was pretty great!

You recently did a collaboration t-shirt with Big Eyes, Little Soles and Nadia Lee. How important do you think it is to collaborate with a fellow creative? 

We love to collaborate! It was such a dream working with the BELS girls and also Nadia Lee. We were such big fans of Nadia so when she got in touch it was hard not to go fully fan girl on her. It’s just always so motivating to work with other creative women and we’ve got lots more exciting ones up our sleeves 😉

 Where do you make your products?

Currently all our products are made in our basement studio in the Norwich Lanes. To be honest it’s all a bit topsy turvy, when we first started out it was fine because we were only embroidering a few units a week. But that’s increased so much now we are on the hunt for a new space to work from! I want sea views and a disco ball!!! We’ve got an excellent collection of Zayn posters that need to go somewhere….


What advice would you offer to other clothing brands just starting out?

Take up every opportunity, even if it stretches your capacity to the limits and takes you out of your comfort zone. Also work with your friends. It’s great to be able to share the journey with other people and through that you can really work up ideas and get excited about things with! Keeping the motivation up with it all is so important.

What other brands inspire you?

I don’t tend to look to other brands for inspiration, I get inspiration from stuff we’re all into. Drake music videos, Mariah Carey and 90s Winona Ryder! I’m really fascinated by some big streetwear brands like Supreme, it’s really interesting how they’ve made such a massive worldwide impact. I think that’s really cool.


Who are you following on Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat?

A weird combination of our gal pals Charlotte Rutherford and Nadia Lee..alongside Kylie Jenner and Craig David :/ omg and we cannot get enough of Cher on Twitter!!

Long sleeve or short sleeve?

LONG. I love a long sleeve tee, they are so good tucked into Levis or Dickies <3 <3

 Skaters or Surfers?

Skaters. Skaters. Skaters. There’s just something about those stinky bruised boys…

Black or Pink?

Honestly, I tend to only wear Black. But, I love love LOVE pink!! I want to paint my bedroom but my boyfriends not having any of it.

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