What girl, when splashing around in the sea on their summer holidays, hasn’t dreamed of being a mermaid? To grow a magical glittering tail and take off into the ocean with dolphins and starfish for friends has to be one of our fav daydreams. Well with Margarita Mermaid your dreams may of gotten just a little bit closer, ok so they can’t give you a tail but they can provide the kind of iridescent shell shaped bikini tops to take you that much closer. We chat to founder Margarita about how she got started, dream clients and ‘Seashells and Spells’.

How did Margarita Mermaid get started?

I grew up in Mexico but went to school for Fashion Design at FIDM in San Francisco. I always knew I wanted to start my own line so after school I moved back to Mexico to find production. Swimwear was so fun to make and since I was in Mexico I figured I would stick to it.  Then I made a seashell top and people really liked it. Mermaids weren’t so popular at the time so I didn’t know that I could have an entire line inspired in them, but then I kind of became known for seashell bikinis and anytime I made a non-seashell design it wouldn’t sell so well, so I just stuck to making all mermaid designs!


How many of you on the team?

I don’t have any full-time employees or partners but I contract a lot of people- between the sewers, graphic designer, bookkeeper, etc. there are about 8 people I work with regularly.

We love the Abalone Bikini, which item is the most popular?

Thanks! The “Baby Ariel” has been the most popular for the past year and the “Selkie Suit” has been the most popular this summer.

What do you think it is about mermaids that people find so appealing?

They are the perfect combination of girlishness and sensuality, so most women can identify with mermaids.


We love your video ‘Legs For A Day’ and ‘Seashells and Spells’, can you tell us a little bit about the filming process, where you shot it, how you cast the models, why you decided to make a film?

I wouldn’t have thought about making fashion films if I hadn’t met the director, Hana Haley. We have such similar minds for dreamy storytelling but we each have our roles: I’ll usually come to her with a general idea and a magical location I want to shoot at and she will make a proper story out of it and add her cinematic talent to it. Now I want to make films for all the collections that I can, it’s a way of adding depth to fashion while keeping it accessible.

I wanted a girl with long long hair and dreamy eyes for ‘Seashell Spells’ and I connected with Ruby June through Instagram, it was awesome having her because she’s a natural at acting and she was actually the one that introduced me to Hana. We traveled to my hometown (Cancun, MX) to shoot around there. The beach and jungle scenes were in Cancun, the lagoon where she turns into a mermaid is in a really pretty place called Akumal and of course the majestic Seashell House in Isla Mujeres. The fact that that house actually exists in real life makes me happy to live on this Earth and appreciate the human spirit.

‘Legs for A Day’ was shot in South Beach, Miami and at the amazing Venetian Pool in Coral Gables. The whole aesthetic of Southern Florida drives me wild. Jessica and Angel both have this different beauty that we loved for this shoot because we thought of mermaids as being tourists from a far away land exploring this Earth city. Since we shot it all in one day you can see really clearly the beautiful lighting of each time of day (early morning, afternoon and sunset) of the beautiful city of Miami.


Who is your dream client?

Betsey Johnson or Sophia Amoruso.

What other Instagram/Pinterest/Snapchat accounts are you following?

I love following Kimberly Gordon on Instagram (@wedreamoficecream) since she left Wildfox she’s been putting out the most stunning photography and collaborations. On Snapchat, Dolls Kill will sometimes have the manager of their warehouse take over the account and he’s so funny and one of my favorite people on the internet (if you follow you know what I’m talking about!)


What advice would you offer to anyone looking to launch their own fashion brand?

Start small and let your market tell you where you should go. It’s so easy today with social media to get instant feedback on what your customer wants. Make really cool stuff, take awesome images and post it online, they will find you. The biggest challenge for a small clothing brand is probably figuring out production.

Mermaids or Unicorns?

I mean, I’ve dedicated the last 4 years of my life to mermaids so I gotta give it to them. But deep down I love the Fantasy Five all equally: Mermaids, Fairies, Unicorns, Princesses and Witches.


Glitter or pearls?

Hmmmmm, that’s really tough! Glitter is insanely magical but when I think of pearls I think of iridescence and nothing is more magical than being two colors at the same time so I’ll go with pearls!

Where can people from the UK get their hands on some Margarita Mermaid items?

Right now we only sell online. Dollskill.com carries lots of our stuff too and we both ship to the UK- but next season we will surely be in some UK stores!


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