This month we speak to Sophia from our new Instagram obsession ‘Lifestyle Doodle‘.

How did you first get in to Illustration?

Since I can remember fashion and art were really important in my family and I’ve creativity in my blood thanks to my ancestors. I always created something for every occasion. Even when I didn’t choose art in school (but foreign languages and economy) I used to draw and doodle on every single white space on my notebooks. I must say “thank you” to my grandma who taught me the base of drawing and painting and always supported me to be creative and open minded.

You recently moved to the UK from Milan, what differences if any, have you noticed in fashion and art?

There are many differences in fashion. In the UK people are more confident and brave, for example in my uni I see girls with pink/blue/purple hair, while in Milan people are “less brave” but more into classy/office look, even to go groceries shopping (and if you see someone with an unusual colour of hair, you think that person is crazy).


Like most illustrators your work involves mostly females, what is it about women that you think artists are so drawn to?

I think artists involve more women than men because as an artist you have more fun in drawing something really imaginative, In my case I focus more on females because I understand fashion and trends for girls, and this make me feel more confident when I edit photos.

Who is your style icon?

I don’t have a real style icon, but probably Poppy Delevigne and Gigi Hadid are the ones that I look up for fashion trends and inspiration.


What is your favourite illustration you have created?

This question is difficult, but I’m going to say the one I did for my Dad’s birthday! The story behind it is funny because I really love to joke with my family. My Dad checked Instagram that day and didn’t see any new posts from me. After he FaceTimed me to open his gift he asked if I would post anything that day and I said: “no I’m sorry I hadn’t time to make an edit” (I was on holiday with my cousin so he understood, but he was quite sad). After the call I posted and he totally loved it, he still talks about it after 4 months.

What Instagram accounts, bloggers or other Illustrators are you loving at the moment?

For fashion my must are The Coveteur, Danielle Bernstein (weworewhat) and Charlotte Simone. If you’re interested in short stories my favourite is Caroline Calloway. While as illustrators I followed since day one on Instagram @diarysketcheslk and recently I discovered Megan Hess.


What piece of art do you wish you had created?

Anything from Andy Warhol and Alec Monopoly. Plus all the mirror-polished stainless sculptures of Jeff Koons.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Finally I’ll finish university and my dream job has always been to work for a big fashion/art/lifestyle magazine (maybe Vogue). Late I would like to have a lifestyle magazine.


Black or Pink?

Black! You can never be wrong, just elegant.

Beach or City?

It has always been my dilemma. Probably 6 months in the city and 6 months at the beach, or LA with both!

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