Sophie Brampton‘s illustrations scream GIRL POWER in the best possible way, an advocate of body confidence Sophie challenges society’s views on “flaws” and “perfection” to create these incredibly beautiful and powerful illustrations…   Illustration2

How did you first get in to Illustration?

I used to love painting from a really young age and my family- my gran especially who is an artist, would encourage me to be as creative as I could be. I then went on to do an art diploma at college where I specialised in Fashion, and developed more of an illustrative style and an interest in the fashion world. Fashion is still my main source of inspiration.


Describe your style: 

It depends on my mood, I find it especially hard to find pieces that I absolutely love but will actually suit my body shape. I’m quite curvy in person and find it hard to wear certain things without looking like I’m off to the brothel. You should always just wear what makes you happy, but it’s hard when it doesn’t make you feel comfortable. I love bohemian style fashion for in the summer but I also love vintage clothing and charity shopping. Depop is my favourite for finding unique items for a discount.

You recently graduated from The Arts University Bournemouth, what made you decide to study here? Would you recommend it to others?

 This will sound awful but I had never even been to Bournemouth before in my life and literally chose it off the top of my head. I didn’t really know what to do with my life; I didn’t want a job or to grow up but I did want time to grow as a creative so University was a really good decision for me. It’s definitely not for everyone but I would recommend it for the experience, the people you will meet and the ‘finding yourself’ opportunities. Also my 4 housemates of three years are now my best friends ever. I definitely wouldn’t be who I am today without going to uni.


What is your favourite illustration you have created?

I would have to say the piece that stands out to me is ‘Selfie’ – a digital illustration of a photo by Petra Collins of Barbie Ferreira, an American plus size model who was discovered by American Apparel through one of her own selfies. I love how naturally confident she is and how she embraces everything that society may see as flaws. It is also one of my first digital illustrations that I created for my zine, Babygurl, so it represents a new style in my work.

You are a self proclaimed Feminist, what does it mean to you to be a feminist in 2016?

To me it means understanding that you can be independent as a woman and take control of your own life without being told how to act, behave or look. It is also helping men to understand that they can be limited by the equality gap too and that equality should be something everyone of all genders strives for. It is also important to realise how privileged and lucky we are that gender equality is being realised and worked on in this part of the world, yet remembering to keep up the fight for women in less fortunate countries.


What Instagram accounts, bloggers or other Illustrators are you loving at the moment?

Instagram accounts I’m obsessed with are asos_anna- she’s junior editor for ASOS and her wardrobe is to die for. ‘’ is a complete babe. I’m also obsessed with zines and publications and I follow Polyester zine, Bricks magazine and Crybaby zine religiously. I also have my own zine that I plan to continue from uni! ‘babygurlzine’ on Instagram.

I do follow a few bloggers but it’s not my favorite thing to keep up with on social media; I do love Youtube vlogs though and I feel like Zoella and Gabriella (velvetgh0st) are my secret best friends.

Illustrators that inspire me the most would have to be Laura Callaghan- her pieces are so detailed and sassy, ‘rayreeg’ – an illustrator that creates artwork based on VERY curvy figures that I want to look like, and ‘artbabygirl’ – an artist who creates quirky feminist art from basically using felt tip pens.

 What piece of art do you wish you had created?

Anything by Charmaine Olivia, her paintings are so beautiful and I hope to own a piece one day.


Where do you see yourself in five years?

 I would love to be living in London full time perhaps in my own flat with an art studio. Hopefully creating my own work freelance or with a design/ fashion job I enjoy. And with a sausage dog called Henry.

Black or Pink?

Pink always, but I never wear pink because I’d look like a Barbie/ 5 year old child.