Name: Agustina Benvenuto from Models 1

What would you be doing if you were not a model? I really want to be a Dentist! I plan on studying next year to fulfil this dream.

What would your dream editorial, show or campaign be? Of course I would love to be on the cover of Vogue! But I also adore Gucci and it would be amazing to front their campaign.


What Instagram accounts are you loving at the moment? I follow @9gag religiously!

As a model you get to travel a lot, what would be your dream country to live in? It would be amazing to move to Italy!

What’s on your playlist? I really like listening to sad, or should I say, meaningful songs. Coldplay, Ed Sheern and James Blunt are some personal favourites.


What is the strangest shoot you have worked on? Probably this shoot in New York, it was all about art on the face, took about two hours to do!

What are your go to beauty products? To be honest I don’t really wear much make up I prefer to be natural! People always tell me they love my eyebrows so I guess as a model it’s pretty good to have these.

What are your go to model moves? I play with my hands a lot when I’m in front of the camera.